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2015-11-25 10:43
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you were going to post this post, I kept coming to your blog to check if it was up yet. I am pttery sure I got butterflies in my tummy when I saw that you had posted it.
2015-11-26 15:06
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2015-11-30 20:16
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Dagmar,Looks like you had a fabulous time in Puerto Rico. My perants were born there. I'm from New York myself. I wanted to also take a moment to express my condolences to you for your loss. It gets better with time (I'm sure you've heard that plenty of times now, but oh so true).I've been a fan of yours since you were on Better Mornings with Tracy and Mike. When life takes you on yet another journey, consider Atlanta again!Regards,Orlando Flores [url=]jtkvzpqmq[/url] [link=]jxfeujmny[/link]