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New Additions and Changes New Additions and Changes

This year we are making some changes to our website applications adding New Message Boards, FAQ Knowledge Repository and our New Overhauled Main Website with Facebook, Twitter interaction. We hope you enjoy and are able to use these tools to help you in your quest.

We are all united in our cause to help find, understand, appreciate and relate our lives to those of our forefathers.

Please let us know what we can do to better serve you in your quest.

Thank you and we look forward to your comments.

Remember "Somos Una Familia"

2012-08-20 18:10

How to use the FAQ System How to use the FAQ System

The system is a simple method of asking questions and getting answers that everyone can benefit from.

1.Simply ask your question

2. The question will be answered in a timely manner

3. The question and answer then become part of the database so all can benefit from the information.

It's that simple so over time we build a data repository full of helpful knowledge, but it only works when you take the time to ask that question.You can also ask the question and provide the answer, once the question and answer are approved everyone can benefit.

So take the time and share your knowledge, everyone benefits and we can all help each other find our Puerto Rican Roots.

2012-08-20 18:09

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