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About Us

Organization Name: The Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York
Web Sites:,
Telephone: 212-340-4659
Date Organized: 21 March 1995
Incorporated in the state of: New York City, NY, 7 June 1996
Contact: Debbie Figueroa, President
Phone: 212-340-4659
Join Info: Membership runs for 1 year join date.
Benefits of membership: All members receive a free copy of HGSNY’s WORKBOOK OF HISPANIC GENEALOGY, the latest issue of our newsletter, NUESTRA HERENCIA, access to our MEMBER SERVICES area and their membership card with special entitlements.
Join Email:
Chapters/Special Interest Groups: HGSNY works with La Sociedad Genealogica Puertorriqueña, El Instituto de Genealogia Dominicana and
The Puerto Rican Cultural Heritage House
Officers: President: Debbie Figueroa
Vice-President: Charlie Fourquet Batiz

VP / Treasurer: Ann Margret Feliciano Duminski
Secretary: Annie Rivera de Chupcavich

Members Administrator:  Alice Garcia
Public Relations: Héctor Pardo
Technical Librarian: Dulce Juarbe

Events Coordinator: OPEN
Jorge Camuñas – Member

Eulogio Villanueva – Member

Periodicals: Title: NUESTRA HERENCIA
(Frequency: QUARTERLY, back issues available)
Price: FREE w/ membership / $8.00 yr for non-members
Description: English/ Spanish: News and articles written by members and guest writers providing members with genealogical source information for Hispanic researchers.
Publications: Title: Workbook of Hispanic Genealogy I: Beginning Hispanic Genealogy
Author: HGSNY
Copyright: 1996-2008
Price: $15.00 or free with membership
Description: Beginner genealogical information. Chapters include: The Origins of Hispanic Surnames and Hispanic Genealogy online.
Ordering Instructions: Contact the society by mail for copies of our publications
Meetings: Regularly Scheduled meetings in March, June, September and December
Services: HGSNY conducts free workshops, discounted conferences for members. Free query publication on our website as well as out newsletter.
Specialty: We specialize in Puerto Rican and Dominican genealogy.
Special Certificates: (Awards, recognitions, etc.) HGSNY was the first Hispanic Genealogy related group to first establish itself on the internet before creating a society and reaching others. In 1990, founding members began on Compuserve’s Latin American Forum and on American Online’s Genealogy Forum.

HGSNY’s Newsletter NUESTRA HERENCIA has also won several prizes in the National Genealogical Society’s National Newsletter Competition.

Office: Currently looking for space
Library: HGSNY has an extensive collection of books, compilations, transcriptions, and copies of original documentation.

Recommended Resources

El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños
Summary of the history of the towns of Puerto Rico, information about their flags, crests and hymns

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